Gera Pobuda, the originator of Bohemian Flats Day was inspired by the dual nature of the word Bohemian, both as a place of origin and a lifestyle choice. An artist by profession and a Bohemian in both sense of the word, she thought the Bohemian Flats should be celebrated and remembered for it's unique character and importance in the history of Minneapolis immigration.

In working to create Bohemian Flats Day, our board has determined that the importance of immigration to the area and the sense of transition in the community the surrounds the flats location, should be celebrated. We thought the flats neighbors should be remembered, and at the same time, other Immigrant experiences could be presented to festival goers.

Everybody asks each other "Where are you from, how did you get here and how has the trip been?"

Please support the people that support Bohemian Flats Day.

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